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Derek Read

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Sorry, just realized that you don't have any way to build a selector that will differentiate between the two different elements since it is their content (PCDATA) that differentiates them and not attributes. There is no way to do that in CSS.

In this case XFT is probably the easiest way to give the user the UI they want. However, instead of using modal XFT dialog you could display it embedded. Be careful that your documents won't embed too many though as doing so can slow editing and rendering down (depending on what the XFT contains and how many there are).

One alternative I would consider the better option would be to use the SetRenderedContent() API. See the Journalist demo which uses this API for the element (allowed just after Article>Title as a sibling to Title).

In that demo, if is stored as 20120725 in the XML then when that is rendered in Tags On or Normal view the journalist.mcr file uses SetRenderedContent() to show the user the date in this form:
Publication Date: July 25th, 2012