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Both products display “tag tips” when you hover over a tag (you cannot turn that feature off).
[quote=XMetaL Author help topic 'Document views']
Tags On view
In Tags On view, both the content and markup (for example, element start and end tags) of your document are visible. This view is useful for navigating the element hierarchy and positioning the insertion point. Formatting is determined by a Cascading Style Sheet. Structured authoring commands are available from the menus, and rules checking is active.

Here are some of the features available in Tags On view:

You can select an entire element by clicking its start or end tag.
You can collapse or expand tags through the right-click menu.
You can view all set attributes by resting the pointer over a tag.

It is also possible customize the CSS used with your DTD to show attribute values before or after an element's content.

The following will display some text (“id: “) followed by the value of the @id for just after the opening tag:

myElement:before {
 content:"id: " attr(id);