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Derek Read

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The 6.0 Japanese edition ships with these types of changes. It also installs special fonts that can be embedded into PDF files (though clients are free to change these settings as you have done if they wish to embed alternate fonts into their PDF files). A Japanese edition of 7.0 has not been created yet. You have the “regular” release.

I will pass your suggestion along to the development team so they can decide if they want to put these types of changes into the regular release. I am not sure what the plans are for a 7.0 Japanese edition yet.

Note that previous versions of the DITA OT did not handle file names containing non-ASCII characters very well. If a path contained a Japanese character the DITA OT would fail to produce output. So, you may also need to enable the following setting (this is enabled by default in the 6.0 Japanese edition).

Tools > Configure Output > Advanced (tab)
cmd_fs_sandboxing  =  yes

This setting is set to “no” in the regular release. When enabled, and you are working with the local file system (and not a CMS with a proper XMetaL connector installed) it tells XMetaL Author Enterprise to make a copy of your input files, change all file names to use ASCII characters only, and fix up all links accordingly. Once that is done the new copy of your input files is passed on to the DITA OT for processing.

I am not sure if that is necessary with the current version of the DITA OT that comes with XMetaL Author Enterprise 7.0 (version 1.5.4).