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The page on our website for people downloading the trial version states the following:
“If you are upgrading from version 5.5 or newer, it necessary to remove the per-user copy of the DITA Open Toolkit as outlined in the install-readme.” I do see that the page you end up for downloading the trial doesn't include a link to the install-readme.html file though (as it used to). Instead, when you run the installer there is a button on the splash screen that says “View Installation Guide”. I'll have someone clarify that.

FYI, the file size and read-me link on the trial page seem to be Xmetal Essential, not Enterprise.
It does have a section in the correct install-readme.html about redeploying the Toolkit but does not specifically say that you have to.
I kinda assumed this would be required, part of our uninstall processes is to completely delete the 3 main Xmetal folders.
All our customizations and modifications are packaged into an easy to re deploy package. If any changes are not part of the customization deployment, they are not needed, all our writers setups are nearly identical.

On a side note, I like that the readme lists the other components and versions. Looks like the JRE was not updated though, I'm not aware of any issue off hand but i do recall JAVA version being mentioned occasionally in the yahoo users group related to issues.  Any attempt to use larger amounts of memory will probably need a newer Java version or the 64-bit JRE version.

Other than that looks great so far, new Toolkit, new ant version, and new renderx version ( now I can do linear gradient  SVG images and two-up-continuous default view mode)