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Is there still any easy way to render svg graphics in XMetal editor?
I'm currently using Xmetal 6, DITA, windows 7 32 bit version, CMS (content management) is siemens teamcenter.
I have heard that you can do some customization with . ctm files. Sadly i'm not the only one who is using XMetal in our organization. So customization is not easy solution. We have 4 users in Finland and 4 in India. So it is quite hard to customize everyones XMetal. besides i might not be able to do it. Any new or fresh ideas.
I have the third party activeX plugin so i can see those svg images in explorer 8. (company is still using the old version). We currently publish in pdf and html our documents.

You're saying you can't get the images to display in the XMetaL edit pane?

I am using Windows 7, IE 8 and the Adobe SVG Viewer plugin for IE (version 3.0.3 Build 94) and SVG displays in my XMetaL edit pane.  Right clicking on the image in the edit pane brings up the Adobe context menu rather than XMetaL's so I know it is using that to display the graphic.

Here's the markup I used to load the image:



If you're using Adobe's plugin I don't know why this wouldn't work for you too (although I've told IE to trust this ActiveX control so that it loads SVG without prompting in IE, perhaps you need to do that).

Having the SVG pictures appear in the output is another matter – if you've cracked that nut I'd be interested in hearing how.

The link for the SVG Viewer is: [url=http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/magic/svgviewer/win/3.x/3.03/en/SVGView.exe]http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/magic/svgviewer/win/3.x/3.03/en/SVGView.exe[/url]

Good luck,

Ross McPhee
Senior Software Engineer