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Derek Read

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I'm a little confused as to why you would have more than one image representing a PDF as well. My thinking up to this point is that you just wanted a placeholder to tell the user “you have a PDF here” without any further information. Basically similar to what you see when browsing for PDF files in Windows Explorer, you see an icon for the PDF logo and not the PDF itself.

This is a little confusing too, since it looks like it contains a full path to me:

It sounds to me like your system is a lot more complex than I have been given info for. In any case, why not just use whatever information you have about the location of your image (whether that comes from a PI or anywhere else) and if it is not a full path then build one.

At this point I'm not sure why a full path is required. That would seem to be a limitation of using this API vs putting a content(url) directly into the CSS file (which does support relative paths, relative to the CSS file itself). Normally this would not be an issue however, since I expect you are installing a number of files (your MCR for one) at a known location, so given that location you should be able to place your image nearby and build a full path for it, right?