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sounds like you misunderstood a bit. will try to explain.

An original XML document contains multiple graphical references. These graphics could be jpg, or pdf. There are more than one PDF documents to which there could be a reference.


I have only one image representing the pdf file (pdficon.jpg). I want this default image to be displayed if in the xml file there is a reference to pdf document as graphic. That means if the reference is 111.pdf or 222.pdf xmetal should display the default image (pdficon.jpg).

The 'fileref' attribute contains only the name of the file. the absolute path of the graphic folder is given in the PI graphic_path.

Xmetal displays the images without problem.

Your method displays the default image for pdf but only if the url is absolute. “content:url(pdficon.jpg)” does not work even if I place the image in the same folder where the xml file is.

Actually in this case, XMetal hangs and have to be restarted.

My idea was to be able to read the full path specified in the PI and build the full path for the pdficon.

the question now i show can i read the value of PI?

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