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Well I found where the files are building up:

Application DataSoftQuadXMetaL SharedDITA_OTtempepub_temp

So what I'm doing is deleting everything in this folder between each epub build. Maybe this is a bug, that this temp folder is not getting cleaned out between each build.

I also was able to generate a clean epub build and get a clean validations through Sigil and epubcheck 3.0b5-pre by clearing out the files above and using the following advance configuration:

cmd_extended_debug_info  =  no
_ANT_PARAM_cover.graphic.file  = 
ANT_PARAM_css.output.dir  = OEBPS/Texts 
_ANT_PARAM_epub.exclude.auto.rellinks  = 
_ANT_PARAM_epub.pubid.uri.stub  = 
_ANT_PARAM_epub.temp.dir  = 
ANT_PARAM_images.output.dir  = OEBPS/Images 
_ANT_PARAM_title.only.topic.class.spec  = 
_ANT_PARAM_title.only.topic.title.class.spec  = 
ANT_PARAM_topics.output.dir  = OEBPS/Text