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Removing the first underscore does solve getting the pathing to work, but only for Text (html) and Images, I still can not get the css files to show up in Styles. The files are showing up in the new location now but they are also still showing up in the root and I still have a growing persistent file issue, even after shutting down and rebooting, as it's a growing list of every file that has been included in an epub is now part of the next epub that gets generated and I have been generating epubs into specific file locations.

Here is what I used:

cmd_extended_debug_info  =  no
_ANT_PARAM_cover.graphic.file  = 
ANT_PARAM_css.output.dir  = OEBPSStyles 
_ANT_PARAM_epub.exclude.auto.rellinks  = 
_ANT_PARAM_epub.pubid.uri.stub  = 
_ANT_PARAM_epub.temp.dir  = 
ANT_PARAM_images.output.dir  = OEBPSImages 
_ANT_PARAM_title.only.topic.class.spec  = 
_ANT_PARAM_title.only.topic.title.class.spec  = 
ANT_PARAM_topics.output.dir  = OEBPSText