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Still can't get it to work. I'm just having trouble figuring out everything I need to configure, and what the configuration needs to be:

index-see and index-see-also – What else do I need to do besides getting the content (as I do for indexterm) and mapping them to level 8 and 9 of the index?

tl:ndx8 and tl:ndx9 – Do I have to add anything special here? Any settings or Custom tab content?

tl:ndx-see and tl:ndx-see-also – What exactly is the configuration? What needs to go on the Custom tab (other than the words See and See also) to get the content from the original index-see and index-see-also tags to display?

I added tl:ndx-see and tl:ndx-see-also tags, with See and See also on the Custom tab, but the one see entry I havedoes not display at all, and the entry in index.xml is not right at all.

Can you provide the additional configuration details so I can try again?