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The guide does not provide enough information. I took an initial stab at it, but the see links are still showing up as plain text – not linked to the other index entry and still displaying a page number.

I added the sort levels to the $document tag:

I updated index-see and index-see-also to map to index levels 8 and 9 (checkbox on the Content tab).

I added tl:ndx8 and tl:ndx9, but did not do any other configuration for them.

I also didn't add tl:ndx-see and tl:ndx-see-also. I'm guessing they need to be added, but it's unclear what configuration they need to have.

I did not change the custom content for index-see and index-see-also – so it's still grabbing the content and adding the See and See also. I can't tell from the documentation where the actual entry text is supposed to be located and where the “See” and “See also” are supposed to be.