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It is probably because C:Program FilesXMetaL versionAuthorDITADITA_OT_DTDcatalog-dita.xml does not have an entry for your specialized DTD.

When you open a specialized DITA topic that specifies a dtd like “mydtd.dtd”, XMetaL will first look in the current folder for the DTD. If it doesn't find the DTD there, it will consult the catalog file to determine the DTD location, using a “public identifier” to determine the topic type (you'll see the public IDs when you open the file).

If you update the catalog file with the DTD information, you should be fine.
Paul Masalsky

There is no file catalog-dita.xml. Do you mean file called dita_xac_catalog_specialized.xml which is located at XMetaL6.0AuthorDITAXACs. Because I have added the specialization by using Tools > Select specialized DITA DTD and everything goes fine. There is a correct mark at dita_xac_catalog_specialized.xml file and XACs-folder containc correct folder. XMetal still works illogically as described after this. Believe me, I have read manual and watched all examples by JustSystems, but I still can not understand this issue, which seems to be somehow related to folder user rights or there is something very wrong here with my own logical thinking. 🙂