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Derek Read

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Please see this part of my answer: “It looks like you are already modifying the scripts that come with the DITA functionality. Keep in mind that officially we are not supporting customization of the DITA authoring functionality at this level (yet).”

I'm afraid this means that you are really on your own here. The documentation for embedding ActiveX controls in the XMetaL Developer Customization Guide and the Programmers Guide may help you, as well as the Journalist sample (which also embeds IE unfortunately), but since you are making changes to a portion of the DITA functionality that is unsupported. Other clients might be able to help if they have tried to do this (that is what the forum is for) but keep in mind that if you do alter the code in this area it will be difficult for XMetaL Support to help you in other areas if those changes break other features. Support would need to answer any questions about other broken functionality based on the assumption that you have not made these changes and that you have a “clean” installation (so you'd need to back them out and reproduce the issue without these changes in place).