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It is not just SVN.

– Theoretically you could reuse from all resources that can share DITA content. It could be another (web) CMS like Drupal/Joomla/Wordpress if they can share their content in a DITA output.
– It can be a terminology database
– Or another database from any department

So not just SVN. If we move from SVN to a DITA CMS I would have the same question. We can't put everything in the CMS because we either don't own the content, or the CMS isn't the best place to store it.

In that respect, I don't care about the Connector to connect to repository. It could be much easier buy just browse the online resource and click some Share button and copy and paste the link into your DITA topic.

But if the refresh F11 could work also for those references this would be great. This makes the things much more intuitive.

Yes. here the half of the work should start. Either by the standard project, or for us as customization.