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Derek Read

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XMetaL Developer isn't meant to be used to add features to the DITA authoring functionality (its considered a closed system). XMetaL Developer is used to build application and document customizations (ie: creating an authoring solution for some other DTD than DITA). So if what you need to do is not supported by XMetaL Author Enterprise's DITA authoring functionality we'd need to consider that a feature request. The DITA OT would be a separate matter if it does not support the feature you need and you could make that request at the DITA OT project SourceForge.

I'm not sure what you are asking though. Are you discussing conrefs?
The conref attribute format is defined fairly clearly in the DITA 1.1 Language Reference. It discusses the format requirements for how a conref should be constructed and gives various examples. What does the URL you wish to use look like? (note that most people use the terms URI and URL interchangeably, so if that is part of the problem or confusion please elaborate because the DITA Language Reference discusses URI and makes no mention of URL).