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You didn't specify which version. I've opened up to around 200 files at a time in XMetaL. Since we moved from XMetaL 5.x to XMetaL 6 and from DTD to XSD schema I can't seem to load quite as many any more but I've not spent time tracking it down.

I primarily work from the command prompt; when I want to open many files I'll generate a list, make sure the XMetaL process has started (and wait 10 seconds if I start it for init) and then loop through the list starting XMetaL with the full path name of the file.

Here's the core of the primary batch file I use to do this (you'll need to find a replacement for sleep.exe that sleeps the specified number of seconds or use something like “ping -n count” to delay a similar time period):

Set _NoXM=
TaskList | FindStr -i XMetaL > nul
If ErrorLevel 1 Set _NoXM=1
If Defined _NoXM (
  Start XMetaL60
::Wait for XMetaL to initialize
  Echo Waiting 10 seconds for XMetaL to finish initialization
  Sleep 10
:: Launch all file(s), one at a time
For %%i in (%*) Do Start /w XMetaL60 “%%~dpnxi”
Goto :EOF