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Interesting… Yeah, I agree with your interpretation of the spec. My dilemma is this:

Our FO processor supports . So, it's generally not necessary or even desired to set column widths.

However, when colwidth=”*”, the DITA Open Toolkit (PDF2 plugin specifically) outputs (correctly, according to the spec). Setting the column width in makes setting table-layout=”auto” meaningless. If colwidth is NOT specified, the Open Toolkit does not specify column-width in . This is technically incorrect according to the spec.

The root problem seems to me that DITA (or maybe the blame really lies with the CALS standard) does not have a unambiguous way to indicate a table should use auto table layout, if available.

In the absence of that, I think I would still like to have an unspecified colwidth mean auto layout should be used, and it makes sense for that to be the default for us. At what point(s) could I run a script that removes any colwidths that are empty or set to “*”? On Save, or is there some event that fires sooner after the table is inserted?