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All my dita2htmlImpl.xsl modifications are in a separate xsl file in a plugin I made. The plugin overrides the 6 or so templates the access the original template.  I try and keep all my toolkit modification in plugins but sometimes it’s not always possible. For example, modifying the single html output template or PDF customizations.

I think when we were testing the WebHelp all my xhtml output customizations came across fine. Ultimately though, we ended up using chm2web since the WebHelp didn’t quite cut it for us. We have a mixture of html and DITA in our DITA maps we needed the html indexed as well. I looked into modifying the WebHelp jar that generates the indexes but it wasn’t worth it.

Sometimes I think it might be easier just to modify everything directly. There are some pretty powerful programs to compare files and folders that make seeing the changes very easy. Comparing completely new files though, with a bunch of copied and pasted templates and stuff is a lot harder.