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Derek Read

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I remembered this other post you made (http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,1654.0.html) mentioning that you wish to use only SYSTEM ID. So, my assumption that bad catalog entries would not come into play (as gcrews suggests).

You might wish to look into using a PUBLIC id (with appropriate catalog file entry). This will allow you to move your XML documents around to any location and let XMetaL find your DTD (provided you install it to the same location on each machine).

Not sure if your connector does anything with paths. There are APIs that allow you to override both SYSTEM and PUBLIC ID values if you wish to code that into your connector. I would recommend use of a PUBLIC id though, as that would also be useful for other XML parsers, those that support catalog lookup anyway. The DITA Open Toolkit uses its own catalog lookup for example.