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Derek Read

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This is getting pretty confusing. XMetaL Support has asked a number of additional questions in response to your support case. It sounds like you are not getting those emails for some reason. Please check for messages from [email protected] in your spam / email blocking software.

XMetaL Support has questions about your maintenance agreement. You will need to resolve those with the XMetaL sales team before they can support you.

Ultimately, an XML sample and your DTD will be required (not just the RLX) as well as some kind of reproduction steps. Even if you think those steps are trivial they are still needed.

There are infinite ways to build an XML file from your DTD. Having a sample of what your content looks like is therefore absolutely necessary.

The DTD is needed as it will help with understanding your content model. It is also possible that there is something in it that is incorrect.

A set of steps are needed because there are so many ways to do things in the product. For example, just opening a file can be done in at least 5 ways. Even describing how a user normally works will be something. If you are entitled to support then XMetaL Support can get on a WebEx and watch how someone uses your customization.