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Derek Read

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What you have submitted here is not enough to reproduce your issue. I can create a new document based on your customization but at that point I will be guessing how to reproduce the exact issue.

Please open a case with [url=http://na.justsystems.com/contact-support.php]XMetaL Support[/url] and submit the following:

1. An XML sample file that reproduces the issue.
2. Your customization files and your DTD (not just the RLX file). What you have here does not include the original DTD.
3. If special steps are required to reproduce the issue (after opening your XML sample) please provide an exact set of steps that will reliably trigger the problem each time.

Note that a DTD often consists of more than one file so make sure you send all files.

If you have never submitted a case to XMetaL Support keep in mind that you cannot submit files with an initial inquiry. You will get an email response to which you can reply and include any files as an attachment.

If you are not the developer of this customization please contact them first. They may be able to correct the issue without the need for XMetaL Support. If they do need help have them communicate with XMetaL Support directly as it is very possible the customization will need modification.