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Derek Read

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You will need to contact XMetaL Support to arrange direct support that would include a WebEx.

I'm personally not familiar with the “DITA Exchange CCMS extensions” and have not seen it. I doubt that our QA people have looked at it yet.

If XMetaL Author is failing to open a DITA map coming from SharePoint and this other software is involved the first thing I would try is to eliminate it to see if the issue goes away (reinstalling our software might be necessary if this other software makes changes to your system). Contacting the maker would be best. If necessary they can work together with our development team (as a partner) to make the two systems compatible.

XMetaL should attempt to open any file it is asked to open. The worst case scenario is normally that an appropriate DTD or Schema cannot be located. In this case it will prompt you to browse for a DTD or Schema. I could see that occurring if 3rd party software was to change the DOCTYPE declaration so that the PUBLIC or SYSTEM id was one it doesn't recognize. However, it sounds like that is not the case here. It sounds like the file is possibly not even making it to XMetaL Author.

I assume you are using the “Open From Repository” menu item in the Repository menu to open the file? If so, it sounds like our integration with SharePoint has somehow been broken (perhaps the installation has been modified). However, if you are opening the file from within SharePoint via some other method then that would be outside XMetaL's control and anything could be occurring.