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Derek Read

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So this isn't a DITA OT issue (or WebHelp generation issue) then, as it is fully capable of putting anything you like into the section of the HTML (using the setting previously noted).

Things to check (gathered from what Google thinks are the top 10 of apparently hundreds of thousands of pages on this topic):

Some browsers only support favicon in one format, though some support others (PNG, GIF, ICO).
Some browsers only support certain flavours of these image types (the ICO format in particular seems to be easily messed up by some image creation software).
A browser running on different operating systems (Windows vs Mac in particular) may behave differently.
Some browsers only support the favicon when it is served from a web server, not from your local machine.
Some browsers only support the favicon when it is located in the root folder of your web server, they do not support specific paths to these files.
Different versions of the same browser have varying support for this feature (as with all other browser features).

The whole business of the favicon was invented for IE with no official spec and then adopted ad-hoc by other browser makers so there's no official rules for this. This is possibly the only thing that comes close: http://www.w3.org/2005/10/howto-favicon
It might help a little bit but obviously not for any browser that hasn't read and implemented support along those lines.

This might help too if you haven't seen it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favicon (there are 36 links to references at the bottom of that page as well)