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Derek Read

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There's a button labelled “Default” that tells XMetaL which UWL file it should be adding new entries into.

I have discussed similar strategies with several other companies and it seems that they have ended up doing almost the same thing as you are suggesting. In two cases however, a system was implemented whereby if someone feels they need a new word they are required to make an “add word request” (ie: send you an email), at which point you update your file. It was decided that this was the easiest way to set up the “gatekeeper” roll for the word lists because sometimes an explanation as to why a word needs to be added might be needed, and might also require some discussion. In one case a wiki page was also considered because multiple people might need to contribute, and it would help anyone find out if a word was under consideration (but not yet in), etc. I'm not sure of the status. I believe several of these companies have also adopted STE authoring, though I'm not sure if they are using any of the 3rd party tools available for that.