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Derek Read

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I'm assuming you are running either XMetaL Author Enterprise or XMetaL Author Essential. If you are running XMAX then there is a very good chance that none of the following applies.

This is not the expected behaviour. If your document is currently invalid and you ask to save then…

Pressing Cancel returns you to the document so that you can continue to edit.
Pressing OK saves the invalid document. You are then returned to the document so that you can continue authoring.

Please let us know the following:
1. Which product are you running: XMetaL Author Essential, or XMetaL Author Enterprise?
2. The full version number:
3. If you are working with XMetaL Author Essential or XMetaL Author Enterprise has it been altered in any way?
4. Is there any 3rd party software installed that may have modified the system (“plug-ins” or “CMS connectors”):

To answer your question: No, there is no way to modify this dialog directly. However, you could create your own dialog and have it called instead of this one when the user saves. That would be a fairly complex thing to code though (there are quite a few scenarios that need to be taken into account) so we should figure out why the product is not doing what it should first, and then decide if that is necessary.