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Derek Read

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In my opinion, the insertion of this type of character, which I will lump into a general category of “formatting characters” (my own term) is best handled automatically as you are trying to do. The two best places for this are inside a transformation script (XSLT for example) or if necessary insertion via script inside XMetaL Author.

I would lean toward the first though and question the need for the author to know that it is there. With a proper transform or a publishing system that eliminates the need for this character altogether, hopefully you don't need to insert it into your source XML.

XMetaL renders characters using the glyph from the font you have specified in the CSS for your customization using the CSS font-family setting. This particular character will not be visible to the end user while editing because most fonts render it using “zero width” (ie: no kerning, no actual width, no visible lines). So, unless you configure the product to use a font (via CSS) that contains a visible glyph for this character you can't see it.

You may also wish to read the section here called “Saving Character Entities”: http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,157.0.html