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Well it was more the 50MB+ zip files on my desktop that contained 10,000+files. It looks like XMetaL pools the directory information for all the folders on the desktop and with zipfldr.dll running on windows that includes the directory information for any zip file as well. Every time XMetaL pooled the desktop directories it went and read though the entire zip file manifests as well.

After I disabled windows zip folder support XMetaL stopped scanning the zip files (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itprogeneral/thread/0b064013-fdc2-423d-8426-c714357bd786)

Even with the Desktop tab removed it still scans the desktop folders. At first I thought it pooled the directories every 60 seconds or so, but it looks like it’s when any file system activity occurs. For instance, I create a new text file in c: , I get about 200 event in ProcMon of XMetaL querying all the directories on my desktop. (1000’s if zip was still enabled) .

Even when I am browsing a different folder other than my desktop in the resource manager, XMetaL query’s every folder on the desktop anytime I create, modify, and delete a file somewhere on my hard drive.

Is that normal behavior from XMetaL or might it be a slight bug? Seem like it could affect a number of people, if you have any kind of source code zip or tar on your desktop it could potentially make XMetaL seem slow and briefly hang fairly often throughout the day. At first I thought it was related to the resource tab as well but now I think it might just be some rouge code somewhere in XMetaL that many not be necessary.

Running win 7 32bit, xmetal 6 sp1.