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Derek Read

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If you are looking for a feature that would allow you to process multiple files there is the “Run Cross-File Operation” feature in the Tools menu. In theory you can create your own custom operation (follow one of the existing examples). This is not documented in any way but the 4 existing examples are here: AuthorXMDKMFOServiceservicecustomScripts

We have not documented this yet because I believe we'd like to rewrite it to be more user friendly for people wishing to create their own. Creating an operation is a bit tricky with the current design.

I don't believe this feature can be used to validate documents (in its current state) however. XMetaL Author Enterprise has a few APIs that work with its validation engine (including “IsValid” and a few others). But this feature is specifically coded to load documents into memory as well-formed in order to speed up processing. The main goal behind the feature was to provide a batch method for performing the types of operations that we have included as examples, and all of these assume your documents were created with XMetaL Author and so they should already be valid.