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It is a pity that the document is slightly outdated in our situation:
– Windows 7 and/or Windows 2008 R2 Server
  Language packs are installed in a different way
– It is different to install the applocale utility and officially it looks like it is not supported under Win7

Sorry to be stubborn, but I have a batch running on Windows 2008 R2 Server (which also works fine under Win7).
1. I convert all proprietary XML topics to UTF-8
2. Next the HHP, HHK, and HHC are converted to the GB2312 (or Shift_JIS for Japanese).
And all functionality works fine.

Now back to DITA XML.
If I postprocess the the DITA OT generated files and get the HHP, HHK, and HHC everything also works fine. Except the full text search. I can enter English words fine, but Chinese/Japanese words are not found. (But I should ask our Japanes/Chin. translators to test this)

Just for your info.