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Derek Read

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OK, I've found an old document I wrote and provided to a few larger clients years ago when this feature was considered experimental. We get the occasional request through our official support channel and send instructions out individually so we never put it into our official documentation. I've cleaned it up a little and attached an HTML version.

It does not contain specific information for Chinese and Japanese, and it mentions that it was tested for XMetaL Author Enterprise 5.1 but these instructions should be usable without modification for the 6.0 and 6.0 SP1 releases because this functionality has not changed (at least in any way that I can think of that would affect this). These instructions have been tested by three of our larger clients (as well as others) that need to produce CHM in multiple languages so hopefully you can use them to get your system configured as well.

One of these clients is producing CHM output in upwards of 30 languages for their products. Unfortunately, I do not have the complete listing of the settings they required for all languages. However, the settings for the languages I list in this document under “Sample Parameter Value Sets” were tested by me so I know they work. You will need to find the settings for any languages not listed (I describe how to do that as well). If you test additional settings that work for specific languages and you wish to share them please do so and I can then improve the list.