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Derek Read

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That is likely because you skipped the step “Select Specialized DITA DTD”.

When you do that XMetaL duplicates the “customization” files (including styling) that it ships for use with the standard DITA DTDs. If you skip that step then XMetaL will treat your DTD as non-DITA and as a result it will not locate any of the customization files that are required for authoring to a specific DTD (because you have not provided any). It will then generate those using another process (a process that is used for people using the product for DTDs other than DITA if they have also not used XMetaL developer to create their own customization files).

Why is this? It is because XMetaL Author can be considered to be a platform for authoring to any DTD (or W3C Schema). Companies use it as a platform for authoring to their own custom DTDs but when they do this they provide their own customization files (created using XMetaL Developer). For DITA we provide the DITA customization files for you so you don't need to build a DITA authoring customization. However, in order for XMetaL to know that you want a DTD to be treated as DITA (and enable the DITA authoring functionality) you need to tell it that using the “Select Specialized DITA DTD”. I think (and have been told by other clients) that all of the steps in the help are quite clear.