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Derek Read

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This does not appear to be a proper DITA specialization. You are modifying the ditabase.dtd directly and I would not recommend modifying any of the standard DITA DTDs. What really should be done is to create a new DTD, usually similar to one of the other main topic types (such as topic.dtd) then reference your MOD file from there. You will then also create a new PUBLIC id to use in any XML documents you create based on the DTD so that software (XMetaL Author Enterprise and the DITA Open Toolkit, possibly others if you use those) can locate the DTD using their catalog lookup mechanisms.

If you need help with creating a specialized DTD I would recommend Eliot Kimber's tutorials on specialization here: http://xiruss.org/tutorials/dita-specialization/

Once you have a valid specialized DITA DTD you should use the “Select Specialized DITA DTD” option to make XMetaL aware of your DTD. This portion of the steps are described in the help topic Working with DITA > DITA Specializations.