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Hi Derek:

  Thanks for the quick reply. I am attaching my mod, ent, and modified ditabase.dtd files for your reference.

  Basically what I wanted to do was to insert 5 newly created specialized elements that were modeled after 5 existing elements from the Programming Domain, I guess you can call them child elements. The reason why I did that was to make sure they would retain the same formatting styles of their parent elements.

  I created a new domain called “txvia” and the 5 new elements I created were:

  model browser

  Of course I integrated them into ditabase.dtd. And when I opened a new doc in XmetaL using ditabase_ditabase.dtd in “C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorDITAXACsditabase” (in Windows XP), I only saw 3 of the 5 elements on the element list. And even as an experiment, I deleted the ones that didn't appear and recreated them, to no avail. Could you tell me what's wrong?

Do you need to do Tools -> Select Specialized DITA DTD before you start open a new doc with the new dtd?

I am attaching the files I created for your reference, thanks Derek, appreciate it very much!