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Derek Read

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For each topic type (task, topic, etc) that you wish to change add a CSS override setting to the corresponding CSS file for that type.

For “task” the file is here (and for others the file is in a folder at the same level that has a name corresponding to the DTD name):


[class~="topic/indexterm"] {
display: block;

Depending on where your elements are located you may also need to make a change to this (more specific) CSS setting:

[class~=”topic/keywords”] [class~=”topic/indexterm”] {
display: inline;

If you need to make this styling change for all topic types it may be easier to modify the main CSS file. That is located here:

Look for the following and make the change to “block” from “inline” there:

/* indexterm {*/
[class~="topic/indexterm"] {
display: inline;
color: #AAAAAA;

Other settings related to also appear nearby in the same file, the other “ when a child of ” selector () is located a few selectors below that one (ie: [class~="topic/keywords"] [class~="topic/indexterm"]).

Note that this will work for and but we may change the way the CSS files are configured in future releases.