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Derek Read

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If you have not found it, there is a setting in the SharePoint connector configuration file that lets you tell XMetaL Author Enterprise the location of a folder on your SharePoint server to look in first for templates. My recommendation is to create a new folder that will store templates (only) then configure the SharePoint configuration “templateLocation” property to point to it. This can be made the same for all users, or they might all have their own folders. Even with this setting enabled you are still free to navigate around SharePoint to open files from elsewhere.

The documentation for administering the product is installed here (for lack of a better location as this is not really end user info):
AuthorCRCLadaptersSharePointdocsAdministrator Guide - XMetaL Author Enterprise for SharePoint.pdf

The section in that doc should be called “Configuration”.
The particular setting is “templateLocation” listed in the table that contains the descriptions for all the various settings.