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Derek Read

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It was assumed that clients will configure XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop to use either of the two supported methods for keeping track of checked out files (registry or file system in the registry.mode setting). It is really an either or option I think (I don't believe you can actually choose both). We do not test your scenario, where both methods are somehow in play and so were not aware of the issue. I will have our development team look into it though, just in case anything might be done. Perhaps you could explain your need in more detail so we can understand why you need to do this.

DFS is not currently supported at all at the moment, our product only supports Documentum Webtop. I think the name suggests that to some extent: “XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum Webtop”. Perhaps given enough demand (and depending on EMC's continued support for Webtop) we may consider creating something like “XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum DFS” in the future.

The scenario you suggest, where a file is checked out externally to XMetaL is not one that we encourage clients to use. If you wish to edit a document in XMetaL Author Enterprise then it would generally be best to use the interface provided in the product for checking that document out from Documentum. I believe if you do that you should not run into the scenario you describe here. If you wish to use other products in your workflow then it would be best to finish authoring in those products, save the file and check it back into the CMS using their means for interacting with Documentum and then use XMetaL's UI for checking that document back out of the CMS to continue authoring there.

Please also note that you may run into various other issues if you wish to use Documentum 6.7. We have not certified on that release yet. Currently supported versions include 6.5 SP1/SP2/SP3 and 6.6.