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I just figured out the issue after lots of debugging.

The issue arises when the registry.mode in the UCF client config is set to the file (Documentum.ini) instead of the registry. The default value in the client.config.xml file is set to use the file instead of registry for the Documentum (e.g. Webtop, DA) version 6.7 (at least).

The issue is that when it is using the file system for file information, Webtop/DA uses documentum (that is lower case “d”) for the paths, but DFS uses Documentum (upper case “D”). For example, [documentumcommonWorkingFiles901e2480001026f]” is stored. And the Documentum.ini gets rebuilt each time an object is downloaded, checked out, checked in and cancel checked out. So either it is D or d through out the entire file.

And it seems XMetaL is looking for the information about the documents with lower case “d” (documentum) only, so it fails to get the information about the object from the file (Documentum.ini) if an object is checked out or downloaded via DFS.

It is not an issue if the registry is used to keep track the file information as Windows API for registry is done case-insensitive way.

It seems to be a bug in Documentum, but at least they are finding the information case-insensitive way, so Webtop/DA works fine with DFS. It will be nice XMetaL can do the same.