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Derek Read

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This looks like a Windows LDAP error. This might occur if you are trying to install the XMetaL Reviewer server software and do not have the right permissions to access your company's Active Directory information. Do you wish to connect XMetaL Reviewer server to your active directory to manage users? If you are following the instructions in the XMetaL Reviewer documentation (the file is called “Active Directory.pdf” and included with the server installer) and having a specific issue at a specific step please let us know which step is failing. Perhaps the documentation is not clear enough.

It would be more efficient to contact XMetaL Support to address issues with XMetaL Reviewer. I believe your company already has an XMetaL Reviewer server installed and functioning, so providing XMetaL Support with more details will help them understand what you are trying to do. Example: reinstall this version for a specific reason, upgrade from a previous version, move the software to a new server, change to using active directory (LDAP) to manage users on a server that previously did not use it, install a second server, etc.