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Derek Read

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A script could be written to fix documents up during saving, or to provide you with a list of attributes with duplicate id values, but that isn't really the solution I think. The software should be giving elements unique id values. Perhaps your specific version has a bug that we are not aware of.

Note that such documents in DITA are valid XML according to the DITA DTDs so our XML validation will not complain. This is because these id attributes are not defined as true ID type attributes (in which case the XML recommendation itself says they must be unique). We don't currently have any logic to check for these in DITA (which as part of that spec says they should be unique) because the auto-id feature is supposed to only insert unique values.

Please let me know the full version number (from Help > About XMetaL Author Enterprise…) and also provide a sample document we can look at. It is still not clear to me which part of a table you are talking about, though it sounds like elements.

It really does sound like you have an integration with a CMS system. If so, it is possible that the CMS integration is setting these values in XMetaL (through our APIs) or perhaps during the check-in process. If I can reproduce the issue without the CMS installed (by having your full version number and a sample document) then we can eliminate that possibility. If I cannot reproduce the issue then we can assume the CMS is influencing things.

If you do not wish to provide sample content here please submit a support case through our standard support channels.