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Hi Derek thanks for the quick response.  Sorry didnt explain myself very well, probably because I dont fully understand it.  When I say we are end users I suppose I mean we are just administrators, ie have no access to the application set up or have any control.  We are using it as the editor for the CMS system and I assume whoever set it up has set it so that it gives auto ids when we check in a document  to the system.  The problem we are having is that we have “collections” that have been converted from another system into ours and these appear to have come in with duplicate id's in any tables in documents.  We are in the process of editing these and if we add a line to the table and then try to check it in it rejects because of duplicates but only if we add a line.  It goes in ok if it is just text changes.    Consequently we have to click on every cell in the table to remove the id and in some cases it isnt every cell.  What I was hoping for is a way of getting a report or something off that showed the location of the duplicates without having to click on each cell and check the attribute inspector.  Hopefully that will make a bit more sense now…………!