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Derek Read

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Does this mean you are setting id values on table cells, the element?
Is this being done automatically by the software using the “auto id” feature that is configurable in Tools > DITA Options?
If so, I'm not sure why that would occur.

If this is difficult for you to describe perhaps attaching a sample file would help. Knowing the topic type, the general construction of the file and the table may give us a better chance at figuring out what is occurring.

Please also let us know what you mean by these statements:
1. “We are new end users of xmetal ie no direct server access…”
2. “…when we check in tables”

Does this mean you are using a CMS system but do not have an integration for it for XMetaL?
Perhaps that is why id values in table cells are important to you (a CMS requirement)?
I can't think of any other reason why someone would want to set an id on an element (though I'm not aware of any CMS systems that require this either).