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Are you using the GUI on the original source, or after the DITA OT transform. The latter is the one you want.

Note: you are calling a Perl extension with an argument:

The copy attribute implies copy the [u]named[/u] TopLeaf variable. In this case the ref attribute in the source contains a PATH#ID string. I'm assuming you want Perl to see this string.

But what is happening is that this string is being used as the [u]name[/u] of a TopLeaf variable {PATH#ID}. Since no such variable exists, Perl is receiving a null argument here.

What you need to say (I believe) is:
Without the curlies the argument will be set to the value of {@ref} as required.

Alternatively you can say:
which interprets the {@ref} as a literal string, rather than a variable name.

This is a common issue which I get trapped by myself on occasion. I think we need to emit a proper error message if the copy value doesn't equate to a properly set variable name, rather than just quietly pass a null argument. Watch this space.