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Derek Read

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XMetaL Author Enterprise includes a full authoring solution for DITA, this means we ship the OASIS DTDs and a full customization for authoring DITA documents. A set of catalog files exists for Author and proper entries to allow the product to locate where we have installed the DTDs are also included (this is why the DOCTYPE declaration you have pasted here works, when topic.dtd is not located in the same folder as the XML document the PUBLIC ID is looked up in the catalog files in order to locate the DTDs).

With XMAX you build this entire system yourself. If you wish to incorporate XMAX into your application, or build an application around XMAX and wish to provide similar functionality you need to build that into your application, including any possible catalog or other redirection methods for locating DTDs. Any samples you may be using (provided by us or 3rd parties) may not contain similar functionality (to XMetaL Author). There are many ways to handle this type of scenario and the one you end up using should be chosen based on your own environment and requirements.

It is the application that is hosting XMAX that will typically be coded to know about the file system, where the application is installed and any paths relative to it that you might call “required folders”.