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What does the DITA source look like? Assuming you have not made any changes to the DITA Open Toolkit then this is likely triggered by the XML files. Best to narrow this down to a single problem file.

I was using a custom OT. I removed the output parameter for the custom OT with no change in the results.

Is the table title conrefed by any chance or conditionally processed out?
It might be related to this issue I ran into with the toolkit processing:

I really have a mixed bag in one section. Data is subjected to several tests at various intervals. To complicate matters, Product A and Product B each have exclusive tests. To make it easier on the user to reference, I put together an index of tests with each test title being linked to the corresponding section (I think that's what you mean by “conrefed”). Some topics may have a table “conditionalized” for Product A with tests 1-3 and another table for Product B with tests 2-4. In the index, the links for tests 1 and 4 are conditionalized accordingly.

I'm wondering if I should make a separate index for each product? But that doesn't explain the topics that are conditionalized in the map missing from the output. Unless I've muddied the waters so much that the whole conditional text thing is just ignored completely.

edit: I tried noting the section out and the output log shows only one issue (compared to 14). I'm going to play around with the map a little more, but I think G is on to something.