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Derek Read

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You cannot obtain a list of actions that were done (I assume that is what you want). This would be a nice to have feature (and we've thought about it but it has not come the top of the list yet). We've thought it might be nice to assign names to everything a user could do and then expose that in a drop down or similar on the Undo/Redo buttons, which might also allow you to Undo/Redo multiple actions at once. If that work was done a corresponding API to expose that might be made. That would likely be trivial, but the main work would need to be done first, and that does not appear to be trivial.

I'm not sure when it would be necessary to programmatically enable/disable the Undo/Redo commands. Can you describe in more detail, or give a usage example?

Knowing this might help me push such a feature up the list a little bit if it sounds like a need others could benefit from. Or perhaps there are other ways to currently accomplish what you need to do by tackling it from a different angle.