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Derek Read

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The DITA Open Toolkit does not have a direct equivalent to FrameMaker's EDD file. The DITA Open Toolkit primarily uses XSLT (as you have read) and for a few complex things when generating PDF files it relies a little bit on Java.

As the DITA Open Toolkit is 3rd party software we do not attempt to document how to make changes to it. You may wish to search for solutions that sound similar to your needs on one of various forums, or post your specific questions there. The following two DITA OT forums are fairly active:


The first is more active as the audience is wider and generally discusses DITA in general. Though it doesn't deal with the DITA OT specifically, many (seems like most) of the discussions center around ways to customize it as well as problems with it. It is probably best to write questions with the assumption that the reader will not have access to or know anything about XMetaL.

The second is more specific to XMetaL + DITA and often has questions and answers about customizing the DITA OT (the majority are of this type in fact).