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Derek Read

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I'm not sure what that link on the forum went to (or who removed it). Upgrades and service packs are not freely downloadable. You must contact our sales team to obtain them.

The reason for this is that our sales people maintain the records on how many seats each client has, whether their maintenance is up to date, contact information, and other things. Once they confirm your company has a current agreement for a particular piece of software they will provide you with an FTP link to updates if you request it.

When you first purchase software from us it comes with one or more PDF documents that describe the agreement, how long your maintenance agreement is for, how many seats you are entitled to install, etc. The sales team also usually sends out information when we release a new version.

I can see how people using the software might not be aware of these things because a purchasing department or accounting person may have made the purchase and so they have the relationship with our sales team and might not pass this information along.