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xmaxROTid = Register_OLE32(“XMetaL.Control”, Me.AxXMetaLControl)  // BAD ASSUMPTION IS HERE    

“Me.AxXMetaLControl” is some .NET COM-callable wrapper object around XMAX.  It is not an object with an IXMetaLControl interface you can query directly.  So, that is why you get E_NOINTERFACE HRESULT.

I am not trying to get the IXMetaLControl instance within macros. I create my plugin instance via CreateObject call in the On_Macro_File_Load handler. In the FinalConstruct method (C++ project) of the plugin I try to get  the IXMetaLControl instance.

I am not so sure about that.  Think about the call-stack…isn't FinalConstruct executed within the scope of On_Macro_File_Load?  Either way, it is not a big deal.