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Interesting, thanks.

So yes, if I uncheck the “refresh references when opening maps” option then XMetal doesn't prompt me to save the map anymore. So that seems to be what's going on.

It does seem to differ from what you describe in the bug here:

This would affect every map every time it was opened provided this option was enabled and the map contained a topicref element that pointed to a proper DITA topic

because it doesn't prompt to save some maps, even though they do contain topicrefs that point to dita topics, just as the first one does.

I checked earlier to see if it mattered if the dita structure was valid or invalid– one of the maps has invalid dita structure that we decided to just live with to get the modifications we need, and everything works fine in ouput and etc — but I checked on other maps that show valid structure and it prompts to save some of them as well.

Nothing that integrates with Xmetal, we just save the source files into a repository after closing out of Xmetal.

Again, this isn't really a problem at least now that I know we can just tell people to say yes to the prompt, we can certainly just live with it. I do want to leave the refresh references option on, just to always flag any broken links.