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Derek Read

Reply to: Prompted to save ditamaps when no changes made

I see an old bug in our system from 2007 that sounds like the same thing but it only occurred in our 5.x releases prior to 5.1.

The issue was that any map that was opened would be considered “dirty” if the “Update All References” function was set to run when maps open (the same function that runs when you press F11). Basically the “Update All References” code (which does various things including updating the navtitle attribute value in topicref elements inside maps) would set attributes in the file even if the attribute value being set was the same as the current value. This was addressed in 2007 with our 5.1 release.

The reproduction steps from that bug report are as follows:
1. Open any map in the Map Editor that contains at least one that points to an existing file.
2. Close the map. You are prompted to save.

This would affect every map every time it was opened provided this option was enabled and the map contained a topicref element that pointed to a proper DITA topic: Tools > DITA Options > Update Content (tab) > Refresh references when opening maps (checkbox)

I've tried this with a map opening into “XML View of Map” (Tags On view) as well and cannot reproduce the issue yet. I'm testing with both version and the current release, which is All files are stored on my local machine and no CMS is involved.

Are your steps different? Perhaps there is something else going on for you that is triggering the problem.
Do you have an integration with a CMS installed or other 3rd party software that integrates with XMetaL?